Trust Your Gut


Trust Your Gut

Follow your instincts. How many times have you regretted not listening to that inner voice?

Your intuition is the most powerful tool in your spiritual toolbox. Learn to develop and trust it.

There are many ways to strengthen your intuition. You will sense which ways will be most helpful. Muscle testing, visualization, use of a tool like a pendulum or cards all work. There are dozens of YouTube videos demonstrating different methods.

You really don’t need a physical tool to ‘tune in.’ You have already experienced having ‘gut feelings’ or hearing that ‘little voice.’ It may be as simple as tuning into what is already there and trusting that feeling, message or voice.

Think of all the times when you just ‘knew’.

What was it about those times that was different?

Are you ready to turn up your intuition volume?

Have fun!

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