Monthly Archives: January 2014

Doing for Others, Doing for Self

Yesterday, I wrote a cover letter for a friend. She is fabulous and she lacks confidence. Her dream job appeared on Craigslist, part time, in her area of expertise, for a prestigious employer with fair compensation. She asked me to write the cover letter while her son helped her with her resume. “You’re so good with words. You do such a good job of marketing me.” True dat. And I am happy to help her.

I wrote a first draft. For whatever reason, the computer updated something so I lost the first draft. I reconstructed the letter and sent it to her for revision. Her reply was “OMG that’s the best cover letter.  You are so awesome.  You make me sound so smart.”

She is smart. She is amazing, if truth be told, and she is reluctant to claim it. When I read her reply, I started thinking about how I would or would not present myself in a cover letter, marketing pitch or on a website. How would I present myself to the world?

In my current state of mind, I wouldn’t. I am ending a year of pain and loss. Death in the family, clearing the family home, diagnosis of terminal illness, health issues, relationship strains. In truth, there is probably another six months to go to be on the other side.

I am making changes, taking responsibility for my health, home and future. I feel like I am taking baby steps. I have done a lot in my life. I have more to do. The how and the form of the more are still to be determined. And that is okay for today.

Today, I begin constructing my website. I wrote my friend’s cover letter authentically. When it is time to write text for my website or for whatever the future may bring, I will do the same. I promise.