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Time to Do the Work

Okay Karen. Time to walk the talk. Breathe and take a step. Repeat.

Five years ago, a book came to me. Some people refer to ‘downloads.’ Others call it inspiration. I have experienced it as being open and ready to step into a stream of energy, consciousness, knowledge.

I stepped in, saw the book, knew the contents and have done bloody little with it since then. It is time. On Easter Sunday, I visited a friend who is embodying the message. So many others are living in the moment, from spirit or intuition. They are living this truth.

The message- The Answers Inside / The Answer’s Inside

The meaning- Stop looking to others for the answers. Inside each one of us is all we will ever need. We know the answers to the questions before we ask.

Take responsibility for your life. This is not about blame. This is not about manifesting and all the other new age, new thought constructs we have proposed and adopted to make sense of the sh*tstorm that is life. This is where language fails us. This is where societal expectations have led us very far astray. How long have we been taught taught to analyze, to figure it out because once we ‘get it’ we can fix it, solve it, make it all better?

We can operate in a different paradigm if we choose. People are healing themselves. Reality is shifting. Forget the rules. There is no right way. What works for me works for me. You have to do the work to find your own way. Others can support you but they can’t do the work for you. Personal Responsibility.

Gurus Be Gone. Most of it is a crock. Insight and universal truth is being packaged and branded for money, stuff and status. Teachers are great and the true teacher will always and forever be a student. When you hear that someone has figured it out, has THE way and can teach you the process, RUN AWAY. There is no right way, one way, ultimate process. These are the teachers who will turn on you when you question them. When their specific process does not work for you, you are not doing something right or your energy or beliefs or past lives are blah, blah, blah. Blame, blame, blame.

I have teachers I love and I have seen them succumb to ego. A few have come out the other side and others are growing their empires.

And so it begins. Stay tuned while tuning into your specific frequency, frequently.

Clarity Revisited

Continuing to see the overlaying of past/present/future. This post is from Wednesday, September 30. 2009. I repost this on the day before I visit a friend, a visionary, an alchemist. She is following spirit and I am honoring her path, my intuition and the intersection of our journeys. Much more to unfold…


Clarity has eluded me. I would think I had it, then realize, maybe not. For those of you who know about conscious evolution, I have been in the midst of figuring out what I am here to do since my ‘work’ is something that Barbara Marx Hubbard refers to as a job with no job title (yet). Many of us are doing work that in the future will be routine but for now, makes us what some would call visionaries while others would call us wacky.

It took a trauma, a physical threat for me to realize that my essence, the core me, what some call soul and others call higher self, is untouchable. Nothing can hurt the eternal me. The divinity that I am, beyond human form, is powerful beyond measure.

I have known for years that I have a gift. It is not easy to talk about because we do not have the language to support a discussion around the dynamics and physics of vibratory energy management. We talk about energy conservation and management when the energy source is a physical thing, beyond ourselves- electricity, gas, wind and solar power. For our bodies, we talk about physical energy levels and what we can do to support and manage them. What we do not discuss is our subtle energy, our essential energy, the fact that we ARE energy and that we, like everything in the universe vibrate. We have direct control over our own energy.

For years, we have heard pieces of the information. You are what you think about. You create your reality. You attract what you are. We manifest exactly what we need. What does all this mean? Since we are pure energy, our surroundings are an out picturing of our current vibratory state. As our vibration changes, so do our lives. The great news is that energy is accelerating. We can hold more energy and understand much more than we could even several years ago. Kids are being born today with different brain circuitry than we had at birth. What it took weeks, months and years to do and understand, we can understand and integrate in minutes. We can change in an instant.

We are on the brink of massive planetary change. To support that process, we must change. We must take responsibility for our individual well-being by becoming Well Beings. Being in physical form will always provide limitations. Disease and distress is a gauge of misalignment. By consciously managing our vibratory levels we change our reality.

And it all starts with…..Breath. Keep breathing. Be aware of your breathing. Try this: Breathe very rapidly and shallowly for a slow count of ten. Stop. Now take three very slow, full, deep breaths, one leading into the next, really push out your belly as you take in more air each time. Stop. How did that feel? How was each different for you? Where was your attention and how did your body feel with the different breaths? Just in that short period of time, you experienced how you can change your state. You have the power. We all do. We also have the choice to be aware of our power and develop it or be unconscious and let life happen.

More, later.

And so it is.   Karen

Where has April Gone?

In reviewing old blogs, I find recurring themes and revisited issues. This post is from 2009. I have added reflections following the original post.

Is it really going to be May in two days?? Where in the world did April go?

I guess part of my April was spent in the blur of grief. I chose to be with the feelings instead of trying to escape them this year and I am on the other side of them now. It was not easy, and it did not harm me. Being with discomfort instead of denying or avoiding it is a new behavior for me. Now I know I can do it.

Something interesting happened this morning. A friend meant to reply to an individual and instead replied to the group. Not that this is a rare occurrence, people do it, it is easy to do. The interesting part for me was the follow up post that the first post had meant to be private. When I read the first post, it seemed totally appropriate to the forum and spoke not only to the intended person, but to me and I would guess to all the members of the group. It spoke of frustration, disappointment, anger, grief, and doing one’s best to be with what is happening in one’s life.

I replied that I was glad that the post went out to the entire group. For me, it served as a reminder that we all need and deserve to be heard, respected and held by each other, consciously. Appearances are deceiving and it is common to assume that someone is strong, has it all together and is without problems, and that is never the reality. We are living in a time of major shift. Financial, health and educational systems are not working. In this time of upheaval our lives are mirroring the greater shift. Just as the social structures are not working, our lives as they have been are not working. It is time to release what no longer serves us to make space for all that will. It’s not just me, it is not just you, it is all of us.

When we come together around a cause, we make connection. No matter what connection we have, being members of a group or club, being neighbors, friends, family, we touch each others lives. We can strengthen the connections, think of each other often, send good thoughts, wishes and prayers to each other. We can hold visions for each other to be happy and content, well and strong. The communities we create can strengthen and can hold us during our shifts. We are creating the new reality.

And so it is.   Karen

All still true. The story I wrote for Harmonic Voices, Women on the Path from Chaos to Peace, “Confessions of a Starving Fat Girl” chronicles my efforts to coexist with emotion. Same stuff, different day…same stuff, different year. I continue to be in process. I guess peace is accepting that I will forever be in process.

Blood on the Patio

Originally posted on The Peace Sisters website in 2008. Holy Cow! I am dealing with the same sh*t…..

My favorite of our three cats, Kiwi, has become a killing machine. Anton, the older son, gets annoyed when I say I like Kiwi the most (even though Kiwi is ‘his’ cat), “It’s not fair to the other kitties.”

Anyone who has met our cats would tell you that they are several times removed from “kitties”. Kiwi, Adoree and Spike are very big cats. Spike was the runt of the litter (the three are littermates). He quickly became the largest in size but has retained his rank in the pecking order- poor Spike is everybody’s b*tch. Kiwi and Adoree have gone back and forth with the Alpha Cat role.

A couple years after we moved to our house, we had a patio built so we could use our sloping side yard. The cats came outside with us and started their individual explorations of the great outdoors.

I find it interesting that Kiwi, the friendliest of the three cats, has become the hunter. Several times a week, he presents his kill, which is probably proof of his affection for us. I have not kept a specific tally but he has mostly killed moles, then birds and alas, one poor cute little chipmunk.

Kiwi’s ‘presents’ go into the trash without hesitation. I can clearly label them as unwanted gifts, useless to me, thanks but no thanks. It is not always clear to me what to do with less bloody but still unwanted gifts. A look around my house will prove that. There are of course, lots of things I really love. Then there are the things I like and on some level feel I should love. Then there are the things I don’t even like and feel guilty for not liking because:

1. They were given to me.

2. They represent the money they cost and have value.

3. They represent who I should be or what I should be doing.

What I realized today was that Kiwi only presents his kill to us after it is useless to him. They may be a token for us or a presentation of proof of what a great cat Kiwi thinks himself to be but he gives them after he is finished with them. Without animation, the critters cannot be a plaything and are without value. He passes them along.

I am done with this, here you can have it. Could you use this? Do you like this?

For all the years we have been married, David has urged me to clear out, simplify, and I have either ignored him or capitulated with half-hearted attempts of getting rid of stuff. After years of appeasing David, I am ready to clear out what I do not need. I am in process. Throughout this summer, bags and boxes of stuff have left the house to sell, give and donate. There is still a ton (probably literally) to clear. I have not figured out the separation of “Love me, love my stuff”. I know I am not my stuff. I also see that my stuff is a reflection of who I am right now. Here and now, I am less about some stuff and still figuring out other stuff.

I am more comfortable with ‘being’ and not doing and stuff is all about the doing- I get that. I can have an idea and not have to do it, follow it through, not only to completion but mass production. I am getting that. What I loved doing twenty years ago is not what I want to do now. I can release those things. It’s what things mean, my beliefs around them, myself and my life that I am looking at and dealing with now. It is clear to me that the “stuff” is about my issues- self worth, confidence, security.

Kiwi’s gifts are about his confidence and his place in the world, too. Anton reframed my view of Kiwi’s giving us his playthings after they are dead and no longer fun. “He waits until they are dead because he knows you would be upset if they were still alive.” Kiwi saves us from having to euthanize the little ones. A gift on so many levels….

This one is definitely not figured out yet. I am in process.

And so it is. Karen


The Effects of Binge Watching

On the evening preceding this very fine day, it came to pass that upon our daily repast, I had the occasion to address my partner and spouse of twenty years and the two offspring of the male gender who having been birthed by others, nonetheless engender the reactions and emotions of those born of the self-same flesh. “It has come to my not inconsiderable attention that we, as cohabitants of this very domicile in which we enjoy social intercourse and various and sundry individual and mutually experienced activities and pursuits, we have need to revisit the prior enumerated, much discussed and previously agreed upon endeavors which we have entered into the doing of to our mutual benefit and comfort.”

Translation…..At dinner I said, “Guys, we need to talk about chores.”

Guess who just binge watched HBO’s Deadwood?

I am unapologetic about my love of TV and movies. I get lost in the mood of an alternate reality. I mark times in my life by TV shows. I accepted that I was different from the other kids when I clearly knew there was no comparison between The Addams Family and The Munsters. I witnessed the revolution in television storytelling with my unwavering loyalty and obsession with Hill Street Blues. The beginning of the end of a friendship started with my cutting an evening short to get home in time to watch an episode of HSB. When a friend, during a year-long process of spiritual practice, gave up watching television, I said, “Give up TV? I learned all my interpersonal skills from The Sopranos.”

I am a Hon from Baltimore, land of Homicide, Life on the Streets and The Wire. My husband, David, grew up in Seattle, land of Frasier and Say Anything. We share Sleepless in Seattle.

Binge watching series is a glutinous extravagance that I adore. Sons of Anarchy was my first binge watching experience when I discovered the benefits other than free shipping from Amazon Prime. Since then, I have occasionally binge watched series but my compulsion got kicked into high gear with this week’s Comcast Watchathon.

It is true, television watching habits are evolving and I love it. The short series format and independent cable productions not only give their audience more to watch, they give artists more opportunity to create worlds and tell full and rich stories. I am enjoying the bonanza. Pun intended.

I am affected by what I watch. My use of the two ‘c’ words has increased post Deadwood. I actually looked up the definition of ‘hooplehead’ and look forward incorporating it in conversation. I wonder what watching House of Cards portends….