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Everything is better at the beach. It is that get-away from everything, experience of relaxation and rejuvenation that you have at the beach, or in the south of France of in your armchair with a delicious read.

I am an Ocean City in the winter kind of gal but I know the ‘everything is better at the beach’ feeling. Sometimes life intervenes and a physical getaway isn’t possible, Last summer, my sister-in-law, Peg was in Johns Hopkins Hospital for most of the summer. They had picnics in the hospital room. I got a lot of knitting done during my days with Peg. When she was able, we talked a lot. When she slept, I knit. Either way, I was there for when she needed something while Dan was at work.

Escape is a key element of the beach attitude. Escape from stress, demands, routine. I worked on Live Your Life With Attitude during two remodels- one bath and one kitchen going on during the same period of time. Working on the photo collages was my escape.

Movies, television and reading can be effective escapes. I do enjoy a good binge watch. It may be detective novels, sci-fi, a trashy romance or rereading an old favorite for you. Maybe it is a special cup of tea with certain music playing. Looking through magazines, taking a long bath, reading recipes, or planning an outing can be fun and relaxing. Naps are amazing. Daydreaming is divine. Be carried away on a wave of sound. Frogs croaking, cicada song, or bird calls can take you to a different place and time.

The important thing is that you take the time for yourself to refresh, rejuvenate, relax, and re-create. You need it and deserve it. It’s one of those things you have to do for yourself. Having someone yell, “Relax. Relax. Relax, goddammit!” will not work. And it is something you can do without cost or permission. Attitude, baby. It’s all about attitude.

It’s My Birthday!


So, happy birthday to me! I gave myself a present today. I paid extra for expedited shipping for the proof of my first solo book, “Live Your Life With Attitude” so I’ll have a physical copy of MY BOOK in my hands in three days.

Part of getting this first book out into the world is pulling up the big girl panties and facing the demon doubts and fears. Shush! Be gone! Who cares what you say? If part of me made up all that ridiculous self talk, another part can say, “Shut the hell up!”

So, here along with the upcoming book announcement, is another ‘attitude.’

I am not a bitch, I am THE bitch.” What you think? What if we all claim who we are to the max?

Let’s turn up the volume of our true selves and claim for the world to know who we are!

Happy Day, birthday or not!


You BE You, I’ll BE Me


I have been hiding. No new blogs for weeks, not calling friends, little posting on groups or boards. I could tell a very familiar story about being busy (which I have been, but not all the time). I could write about being overwhelmed, or scattered. I could go on about all the demands on my time, the various responsibilities in different areas of my life, which are fact and we all have them. And then there is the heat. It has been godawful in Baltimore and I am sure many other areas of the country. I sweat gallons and feel the effects of the heat. There are so many lovely excuses.

The honest to God truth is that I have been scared to take the next steps. I know what I want to do, what I think I am here on the planet to do and I am scared to start. I have been living it in my family and my small circle of friends. The next step is bigger, showing myself for all to see.

So this entry is the next step. It does take courage to be who you truly are.

What is it that you are here to do? Why are YOU HERE NOW? What is it that only you can give the world? How many people do you know that live each day fully present to bringing their gift forward for the good of all? Can you take a moment to imagine what this world would look like if WE ALL lived our gifts, living as the unique expression of the divine we truly are?

What can you do today to step, if only for a moment, into your magnificence? How can you share your gift with the world today? If you found the courage to be who you truly are and if we all did the same, what a ride this would be.

I’ll show you me even if you aren’t ready to show me you.

Here’s to shining our lights!