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Uncle Kent 2! The Movie THEY Don’t Want Us To See

Uncle Kent 2! The Movie THEY Don’t Want Us To See

I love being a Friend of the Festival for the Maryland Film Festival. We are lucky to see films before some have limited release or will be available on demand. Some will be shown on cable networks, and many will be fondly remembered and often recommended but not easily found.

My social media savvy friend, Andrea Hylen has been tweeting, instagramming and posting about what we are seeing and loving this year. She posts trailers, links and hashtags. She was unable to find anything to send out about “Uncle Kent 2!” and at the Q&A after the screening we found out why.

The filmmakers are convinced there is NO AUDIENCE for this fabulous little gem. The “anti-sequel sequel” is a hoot. It shows the perfect way to prepare a Trader Joe’s salad. It has the best kitchen dance scene ever. It has a mother Skyping while her son while he is busy pleasuring himself. They employed guerrilla filming tactics at a Comic Con gathering. It displays multidimentional living- thinking of someone and then running into them. Thoughts become things. It questions the meaning of dreams, the reality of perception and the basis of assumed reality.

We loved it. Okay, two of three of us LOVED it, Dotti just really liked it. I love lots of different kinds of movies. My sense of humor can be darker and more absurd than some. Serial Mom, Zero Charisma, Welcome to Wop Wop, The Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari. Love them all. I feel the same thing when I hear Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, the Rolling Stones and Gogol Bordello- PASSION! Even if the vision is singular, skewed, or far from main-stream, it is a focused passionate statement.

The filmmakers, Kent Osbourne, Joe Swanberg, Todd Rohal are only planning to show the film at three film festivals. WTF????? This is a jewel. Uncle Kent 2! is side-splitting, absurd, dead-on, uncomfortable, lovable, endearing, too true and nonsensical. It is a delight. It deserves to be seen. The world needs Uncle Kent 2!

The filmmakers made the film for themselves. They made the movie they wanted to make expecting little audience appeal. Perhaps the same could have been said about “Pink Flamingos” or “Female Trouble.”

The story line is based in actual bizarre occurrences in real life. Life is absurd. Life is funny. I love to laugh. My niece lives for Comic/Dragon/Crazy Con. We all construct our realities. In my happy place people disappear all the time.

This anti-sequel is a monument to creativity. Seeing Uncle Kent 2! inspires me to write, to continue constructing alternate worlds, to tell stories not everyone will want to hear. Who cares how limited the audience will be? Make the movies, write the stories, create!

Uncle Kent 2! Demand to see it!

And I think there will be world peace when everyone learns the salad shaking kitchen dance. My only regret is that my tits will never jiggle as well as Kent Osbourne’s titties jiggle.