Monthly Archives: February 2015

Supporting the Arts One Artist at a Time


An appeal came via email today from an artist I support and whose work I love. I did not know his story until I visited the gofundme page.

David Gerbstadt makes wild crazy fun uplifted subversive wonderful art. He also survived being hit by a tractor trailer. It is an amazing story not only of his survival but of his adopting a severely injured dog. Even though David continues to suffer the effects of PTSD, he is a prolific artist. He has promised to send any contributor art if they submit their address.


Help however you can. How much are you planning to spend tomorrow on something you could do without to help David and Noel keep their home? Visit his Facebook pages to see more art and find out how to send donations directly to the mortgage company.

I have not asked for permission to show you samples of David’s art. I ask you to respect David and not download the images for personal use or profit. Most of David’s work is pay what you can and you can see and buy downloads at