What IS Your Part?

In yesterday’s post I wrote, “Each of us came into this world with a gift, a talent, a message, a task. It is time to do the work and share it with the world. We don’t have to do everything, we each just need to do our part and when we all do our parts, everything will be done.”

Maybe you have already figured out what your part is. I thought I had, and I did for a while. What I did not consider was that as time passed and life happened, ‘my part’ changed.

I think everyone is in a transitional time right now. Whether the changes are small or huge, our lives are different from what they were. Parents die, relationships end while others begin and others morph. Kids grow up and leave home. Some of us downsize and a few of us relocate completely.

Focus shifts and priorities change. Looking back just one year, how different is your life now? Are you surprised at where you are and where you plan to be? Reflecting on the past year, what life events happened and what choices did you make to get here? Where do you want to be a year from now? What choices can you make to get there?

I think the Universe conspires to help us on our path. An illness will make you slow down or perhaps completely stop for a time, giving you enforced time to heal and reflect. A loved one’s passing can make you reconsider your priorities and goals.

What is important to you? What would you regret NOT doing in your lifetime? What can you do right now to live today as you want to live every day?

I am suggesting that you ask yourself these questions and take the time to answer them as fully as you can right now. With the information, hopes, dreams and goals you have right now, what choices can you make right now to make them more of a reality?

All journeys are made one step at a time. Tonight it might be to drink an extra glass of water, make a list for tomorrow, or take a minute to remember all the people and things you have in your life for which you are grateful.

I am asking myself and answering these questions, too. This time last year, we were established in Baltimore and the boys were still at/near home. Since then, David decided to take early retirement in 2016, we decided to relocate to Seattle so David can be near family. We bought a house in Seattle, and started clearing out our house in Baltimore. Older son found an apartment within walking distance from his job and younger son moved in with his sweetie. Talk about changes- retirement, cross country move, empty nest and releasing possessions. Yikes. Throw in a couple of health issues, some emergencies and normal everyday challenges and what does that give you? LIFE.

So, my challenge is not to get lost in the details of daily demands. I am (after some resistance) examining some issues and taking action on others. While the old saying goes, “There is no time like the present” the reality is that the ONLY time we have is the present, this moment. And the gift is that we can choose what we do in it.

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