Crazy Fun

Live Your Life With Attitude

6x9 Black and White Format

6×9 Black and White Format

8.5x11 Color Version

8.5×11 Color Version

Fun and irreverent, here is an illustrated journal with sass, a place for you to practice YOUR attitude.

Kindle version $1.99

8.5×11 full color format  $13.99 (on sale for $12.63)

6×9 black and white format  $9.99 (on sale for $8.99)



Links to radio shows.

Mama Porter Tells It Like It Is presents a variety of topics, from energy tools you can learn and use to exploration of conscious evolution, to some rants. It’s all archived for you to enjoy.

Skills/Tools Episode- Grounding

Skills/Tools Episode- Centering

Eulogy for my father

A study of Code 1 of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s 52 Codes for Conscious Evolution

Why Weight?? has 40 archived episodes. Join Karen Porter and Kathleen Nelson Troyer for an exploration of the energetic and spiritual component to weight.

Link to show #1

Link to show #40