Clarity Revisited

Continuing to see the overlaying of past/present/future. This post is from Wednesday, September 30. 2009. I repost this on the day before I visit a friend, a visionary, an alchemist. She is following spirit and I am honoring her path, my intuition and the intersection of our journeys. Much more to unfold…


Clarity has eluded me. I would think I had it, then realize, maybe not. For those of you who know about conscious evolution, I have been in the midst of figuring out what I am here to do since my ‘work’ is something that Barbara Marx Hubbard refers to as a job with no job title (yet). Many of us are doing work that in the future will be routine but for now, makes us what some would call visionaries while others would call us wacky.

It took a trauma, a physical threat for me to realize that my essence, the core me, what some call soul and others call higher self, is untouchable. Nothing can hurt the eternal me. The divinity that I am, beyond human form, is powerful beyond measure.

I have known for years that I have a gift. It is not easy to talk about because we do not have the language to support a discussion around the dynamics and physics of vibratory energy management. We talk about energy conservation and management when the energy source is a physical thing, beyond ourselves- electricity, gas, wind and solar power. For our bodies, we talk about physical energy levels and what we can do to support and manage them. What we do not discuss is our subtle energy, our essential energy, the fact that we ARE energy and that we, like everything in the universe vibrate. We have direct control over our own energy.

For years, we have heard pieces of the information. You are what you think about. You create your reality. You attract what you are. We manifest exactly what we need. What does all this mean? Since we are pure energy, our surroundings are an out picturing of our current vibratory state. As our vibration changes, so do our lives. The great news is that energy is accelerating. We can hold more energy and understand much more than we could even several years ago. Kids are being born today with different brain circuitry than we had at birth. What it took weeks, months and years to do and understand, we can understand and integrate in minutes. We can change in an instant.

We are on the brink of massive planetary change. To support that process, we must change. We must take responsibility for our individual well-being by becoming Well Beings. Being in physical form will always provide limitations. Disease and distress is a gauge of misalignment. By consciously managing our vibratory levels we change our reality.

And it all starts with…..Breath. Keep breathing. Be aware of your breathing. Try this: Breathe very rapidly and shallowly for a slow count of ten. Stop. Now take three very slow, full, deep breaths, one leading into the next, really push out your belly as you take in more air each time. Stop. How did that feel? How was each different for you? Where was your attention and how did your body feel with the different breaths? Just in that short period of time, you experienced how you can change your state. You have the power. We all do. We also have the choice to be aware of our power and develop it or be unconscious and let life happen.

More, later.

And so it is.   Karen

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