Time to Do the Work

Okay Karen. Time to walk the talk. Breathe and take a step. Repeat.

Five years ago, a book came to me. Some people refer to ‘downloads.’ Others call it inspiration. I have experienced it as being open and ready to step into a stream of energy, consciousness, knowledge.

I stepped in, saw the book, knew the contents and have done bloody little with it since then. It is time. On Easter Sunday, I visited a friend who is embodying the message. So many others are living in the moment, from spirit or intuition. They are living this truth.

The message- The Answers Inside / The Answer’s Inside

The meaning- Stop looking to others for the answers. Inside each one of us is all we will ever need. We know the answers to the questions before we ask.

Take responsibility for your life. This is not about blame. This is not about manifesting and all the other new age, new thought constructs we have proposed and adopted to make sense of the sh*tstorm that is life. This is where language fails us. This is where societal expectations have led us very far astray. How long have we been taught taught to analyze, to figure it out because once we ‘get it’ we can fix it, solve it, make it all better?

We can operate in a different paradigm if we choose. People are healing themselves. Reality is shifting. Forget the rules. There is no right way. What works for me works for me. You have to do the work to find your own way. Others can support you but they can’t do the work for you. Personal Responsibility.

Gurus Be Gone. Most of it is a crock. Insight and universal truth is being packaged and branded for money, stuff and status. Teachers are great and the true teacher will always and forever be a student. When you hear that someone has figured it out, has THE way and can teach you the process, RUN AWAY. There is no right way, one way, ultimate process. These are the teachers who will turn on you when you question them. When their specific process does not work for you, you are not doing something right or your energy or beliefs or past lives are blah, blah, blah. Blame, blame, blame.

I have teachers I love and I have seen them succumb to ego. A few have come out the other side and others are growing their empires.

And so it begins. Stay tuned while tuning into your specific frequency, frequently.

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