Dreams – Yours to Have and Hold and Grow


Dream Big, Baby

Your dreams are yours. Every other person on the face of the earth may call them stupid, impossible, or ridiculous. If it is your dream, hold it close and watch it grow (probably not the best choice of words for this photo…)

I don’t want your dreams. I may not even want to know about your dreams. I have my own, thank you very much.

Share your dreams as you would a delicate and precious treasure. You know who will support you and nurture the growth of your vision. You also know who will take any opportunity to squash your hopes and discourage you from being the brilliant light you are.

Some people in our lives are threatened by movement, change and anything they deem threatening. Who has the power? YOU. You decide to stay small or take chances and shine.

No dream is too big. List them all. Write them down to put them into a physical form.

Now, read each dream, goal or hope you listed. Feel it, see it, smell it. Really feel how life is living that dream. You are programming yourself to your future. Have fun birthing your future!

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