Let’s Celebrate Attitude!

Attitude gets us through the day. It got me through years of abuse, post traumatic stress and on to a full life. It has been a very long labor but ALL versions of Live Your Life With Attitude are in the world via Amazon. Here is one of the 52 Attitudes.


State Your Needs

Nobody can read you mind. Suffering in silence is stupid. Assuming that others will anticipate and fill your needs is grandiose fantasy. Just assume that people are stupid and lost in their own thoughts. The world does not know what you need until you put it out there for all to hear. Then there is a chance of getting what you want. Maybe not a big chance, but at least it enters the realm of possibility.

  • What do you want or need that nobody knows?

  • How will it feel when those needs are met?

  • What is the worst that can happen when you ask for what you need?

  • Is it worth the risk right now?


Each of the fifty-two Attitudes is represented by vintage photo collage and smart remark. With each are thoughts, questions and some prompts, inviting you to share and explore YOUR attitude.  There are fifty-two attitudes in case you would like to use it weekly.

The B&W 6×9 version is great for portability and features a blank page opposite each collage. The 8.5×11 Color version is beautiful and the larger format provides space for your entries, thoughts and inspiration. If you choose the Kindle version, most programs used for reading e-books will support note taking so you can have an e-journal.

Black & White 6×9   http://www.amazon.com/Live-Your-Attitude-Karen-Porter/dp/0990556506/

Color edition   http://www.amazon.com/Live-Your-Life-With-Attitude/dp/0990556514/

Kindle version    http://www.amazon.com/Live-Your-Life-Attitude-Illustrated-ebook/dp/B00NEB8BVC/




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