Taking Responsibility


Bad Attitude

No doubt, there are times when you want to hurt someone. There are times when the only good option seems to be a slap upside the head. You can argue it is justified and deserved but IF you decide to take action, be ready to take responsibility.

Nobody MAKES you do anything. You choose your behavior. Always. I know, it’s a bitch not to have someone to blame. “The devil made me do it” doesn’t work anymore, except in groups I don’t want to think about. Taking responsibility, total responsibility for your life and actions is the key to freedom. Sometimes it is the hardest thing to do. It is easier to hide behind blame and victimization but when you do, you give away all your power.

We have all done things that were embarrassing, not prudent, perhaps technically illegal. When we know better, do do better. Live and learn. It’s just good that we survive our stupidity. Hon, I am so glad to be older than technology like flip-cams and instagram or Lord only knows what would be out there.

What have you done that you are ready to own? Do you have a pattern of ‘going off’ on people or in specific situations? If problematic behavior persists, can you begin to identify your triggers, what sets you on the path of destruction? Ready to do some reflection and shifting?


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