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What Do YOU Want?


Be Careful What You Wish For

There are things we want because we think we should want them. There are things we want because someone has told us it would be best.

Be honest. Do you want it, really want it or are you following the path most traveled?

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. What is perfect for me could drive you to an asylum or long to be in a coma.

The illusion that the unchosen other is better is just that- an illusion.

Are there things that in retrospect you are very glad did not happen?

How many ‘bullets’ have you dodged?

I don’t know about you but my list is more than I can count on my fingers and toes.

Give, Give and Give Some More

Friends meds


Be Generous

I know that at this time of year, hearing ‘be generous’ can cause stress and panic and fear of the credit card bill arriving.

Generosity has nothing to do with consumerism, overspending or trying to people please.

Be generous of spirit. It costs you nothing to be kind. Be as generous as you can with your time and talents.

You have no idea how you impact someone with a compliment or pleasant observation. It usually goes unseen, but there is always a ripple effect.

How do you choose to react to a grumpy person? You have a choice- be grumpy right back or be understanding and make allowances. You choose the tone.

Remember the instances of a kind word from a stranger making a real difference to you.

Your words have power.

You Get to Choose


You Have The Power

Face it. People do awful things, some are pros at it. You get to choose who you want in your life. Just because you are related or have until now filled a certain role, you do not have to continue.

It is your life, your choice. Only YOU can change how and with whom you live. Bastards be gone!

Working through these choices can take time, support and courage.

Take all the time you need for change. Take baby steps. Review and adjust and repeat.

This is YOUR life and you get to choose who is in it.

There is a Price to Speaking Your Truth, But Do It Anyway




Tell It Like It Is

Tell it like it is. Speak your truth. Let it loose. Screw pretending, being nice all the time or keeping the peace at any price.

Keeping it real allows you to ride the peaks and valleys of each day and deal with what comes up in the moment. Would you rather address something in a timely manner or hang onto a resentment for years?

Deal with it and be done. Sometimes dealing with it will mean breaking ties or walking away. You get to decide.

Ways I do not speak my truth……..

Remember, not everything is worth sharing. Pick your battles. Stay strong.




Embarrassing shit happens. We all make mistakes and do stupid stuff. Unfortunately, sometimes those things are recorded for the entire world to see repeatedly and forever. Discretion can keep a minor stupidity from becoming fodder for cable comedy routines.

If there are things you would rather forget, can you make peace with yourself about them?

You did what you did then. If the same thing happened now, you would do differently, maybe…

Can you forgive yourself for making the choices you made?