It is Time- Making a Difference for Many

If you knew there was a way, a process to heal something about your past and by doing so, your life would change, would you want to experience it? If you knew there was a program that has empowered more than 200 women around the world and there was a way you could help grow the program so thousands of women including marginalized women in highly at-risk groups could have this process and support to heal and thrive, would you help it expand?

Heal My Voice, has a history of success. The women participating in the circle process of building community and supporting each other in bringing forward a story, the part of their lives that is ready to be healed, truly find and heal their voices. They go on to start businesses, make changes at work, show up in a stronger way in their families and take on bigger roles in their communities.

Heal My Voice has implemented a pilot program for the residents of the Chrysalis House in Crownsville, Maryland, a recovery center for women. After nine months of weekly writing circles and monthly workshops, the process has been documented so it can be standardized and replicated. The Heal My Voice process can be used in prisons, shelters, and recovery centers, anywhere women are willing to commit to the work of healing themselves.

To fund the growth of Heal My Voice, there is an indiegogo campaign.

The process works. I am part of the Heal My Voice Community and have experienced the pain of abuse, the power of community support and the joy of healing transformation. I was held and supported to forgive my aunt for marrying and staying with my abuser. I honestly faced the crutch of emotional eating. I started to care for myself as well as I mother my sons.

You can help. Commit your energy to helping Heal My Voice help more women. Spread the word about the indiegogo campaign. Donate. Every dollar helps. Andrea Hylen is forming the next Heal My Voice book circle, “Sensual Voices” so women can have a safe place to heal their wounds around what keeps them from claiming their whole selves. She has developed a twelve week teleclass around sexuality, power and money, knowing they are all linked. Once we heal our core selves and reclaim the full range and power of our masculine and feminine selves, we access our full creativity and banish our limitations around money.

Everything is energy, and that includes money. We all have issues with money, old beliefs, unconscious rules and messages. Even though we are ‘fed’ and compensated in many ways, for now, money is the currency of exchange. We need it to keep the lights on, a roof over our heads and ourselves clothed, mobile,online and connected. I have spent most of my life in service, volunteering thousands of hours to help others. Heal My Voice grew out of a community based on service. It is essential that we shift from a model of self sacrifice to one where there is compensation for service.

Humanitarian efforts started in corporate settings begin with the understanding that the underpinnings of a financial structure are necessary for implementation and growth. Heal My Voice has proven its effectiveness. To grow, we need funding.

By taking an active role in HMV’s fund raising, you are helping to shift the energy. You are validating the process and valuing the work of Heal My Voice. By donating and spreading the word, you are making it possible for more women to heal. When we heal, we become more our true selves. When we step into who we truly are, we do the work we came here to do. When we each do what we are here to do, everything gets done and the world changes.

Spread the word. Blog, share the link, post about HMV.

Donate. Every donation matters. One dollar is as important as one thousand dollars. Your donation adds your energy and your intentions to the group.

Get others involved. You may know someone who would benefit from one of the bonus gifts- a teleclass, HMV books, coaching or a place in the next book circle.

You matter. Every voice matters. It is time to heal and thrive.




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